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Moonlit Tower of London and the Poppies

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    See the selection of photos taken recently of the red ceramic poppy display at the Tower of London
    • Brighton Photos

      Typical English seaside scene at Brighton. Deserted pebble beach with empty deck chairs blown in the wind and a man semi clothed sun bathing. Brighton pier in the distance.

    • France Photos

      Fields of lavender in front of Senanque Abbey in Provence in the South of France.

    • Air Show Photos

      An airplane doing the loop the loop at the Farnborough Air Show.

    • City of London Photos

      View of the City of London from the highest point in South London at Crystal Palace. The view includes St Paul's Cathedral on the left through to the City of London and the Gherkin building used by the Swiss Re as offices in London

    • London Night Photos

      View of Blackfriars Bridge and St Paul's Cathedral in London from London Bridge. The sky is a magnificent violet colour caused by dust particles in the air from the recent Icelandic volcanic eruption.. There are wonderful reflections in the water of the River Thames

    • Vauxhall Bridge in South London and the MI5 Building

      A Police Boat passes under Vauxhall Bridge in front of the MI5 Secret Service Headquarters Building in South London

    • Amur leopard snarling

      Amur leopard snarling. There are only 18 amur leopards in the wild. This one was taken at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation where they are part of a breeding project to protect the species.

    • Fox Photos

      Red fox yawning

    • Owl Photos

      Barn owl hunting in fields near the British Wildlife Centre near Lingfield

    • Durham Photos

      Photo of Durham Cathedral in County Durham when the sun was just rising and whilst the lights of the cathedral were still on. It looks just like a night photo.

    • USA Photos

      The Statue of Liberty stands in front of the Empire State Building in this part of Las Vegas devoted to New York.

    • Westminster London Photos

      View of Big Ben and the River Thames through the arch on the South Bank of the River Thames. The photo has been given post processing treatment to give more detail to the arch and the paving stones under the arch as well as the Parliament buildings. The puddles on the paving stones and the soft pastel hues give added impact to this iconic view of London.

    • London Greenwich Photos

      Unusual view of part of the roof of the O2 Arena in Greenwich , South London. The strange cloud effects give this an "Out of this world" look.

    • Scottish Wildcat Photos

      Scottish Wildcat staring straight ahead with a very strange look in its eyes

    • Tiger Photos

      Tiger portrait

    • Graffitti Art Photos

      Grafitti art by Banksy taken near Ladbroke Grove in West London

    • Tower Bridge London Photos

      Early evening view of City Hall and Tower Bridge both lit up with a dark blue sky.

    • Snowdonia Wales Photos

      Waterfall taken with a slow shutter speed to show the water looking like silk amongst brown and orange autumn leaves on the trees and green lichen on the rocks.

    • Close Up Photos

      Praying mantis insect taken with a Canon 100 mm macro lens f/2.8 as part of a masterclass photoshoot at the Amateur Photographer offices by the River Thames in South London

    • Flower Photos

      Purple flowers in a wild meadow in Hampshire, England